Live seminars instructed by experienced Law Enforcement Officers

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- Conduct a personalized mock oral interview.

- Improve your ability to respond under pressure.

- Emphasize your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

- Provide instruction to improve your interview score to an "A."

- Learn all the inside TIPS.  

- Raise your confidence.

- There is no substitute for live interaction with an instructor.

- In California only 2% of applicants get hired as police officers.

- Getting the job is not a matter of luck, but rather preparation.

- Your future as police officer depends on getting a top score.

- Minimum amount of effort will NOT get you hired. 

- Your competition is taking advantage of this and other opportunities, why shouldn't you?

Preparation will tip the scales in your favor


Leading you to a career in Law Enforcement


Overwhelmed? we can help!

(951) 732-7409

Law Enforcement Applications Development
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